How Gratitude Influence Spiritual Life

How Gratitude Influence Spiritual Life


There is a range of things which can raise positive feelings of gratefulness or gratitude. Gratitude is a feeling same like gratefulness which most individuals are aware about. We feel appreciation for somebody who does something for us. But majority of us are not accustomed communicating gratefulness to God for everything he has provided us. Communicating gratitude to God for every single thing he does for us is termed gratitude in spiritual way. The power to remain in this atmosphere of gratefulness is a vital and essential role of a seeker’s spiritual voyage.


In present times, averagely 65% of incidents occur according to fortune and 35% occur according to our wilful deed. As we spiritually grow, we start feeling God’s existence in our lives. As we feel his existence in our lives, we feel his kindness and whatever is occurring is according to his desire. It is just after the sixty percent spiritual level which one starts to actually experience and appreciate this truth. Together with the feel comes the appreciation in the real spiritual feeling of the word.

A real student of the Science of Spirituality and a seeker uses a learning approach in every state, bad or good. From the different issues and situations of life he starts to familiarize how he will know his qualities and defects. He feels that God is aiding him through all circumstances bad and good to improve his seeker ship. Therefore in all circumstances bad or good he feels gratitude to God. He feels God’s blessings in his life offering him with circumstances and even offering him with the ability to understand the spiritual learning and lessons. Gratitude helps to enhance spiritual feeling.

As we engross ourselves gradually in divine practice we unfold a complete new world which was up till now hidden from us. We feel divine experiences and such spiritual experiences are God’s style of speaking to us. In our lives there are countless small nice accidents where we gradually but certainly sense God’s helping hands. Even for small incidents in our life gratitude starts to develop and the continuous encouragement and divine help we are getting in our divine practice. While we express gratitude and feel gratitude repetitively all through the day, one slowly advances the spiritual feeling of gratitude. There is constant realization prior, during and later the act that all occurs according to God’s desire. Therefore one’s thankfulness is nonstop and is repeatedly conveyed in deepest thoughts. Hence in this situation, gratitude is existing and is displayed in each action, thought and movement.

Gratitude and The Law Of Attraction


As per the law of attraction, positive things will happen if you emphasis on positive thinking. Similarly, if you focus on the negative thoughts, negative things will happen. The idea is that people have the ability to express individual ideas into realism. Hence if you express you will fall ill ample times to yourself, possibilities are it will take place.
The law of attraction conveys an extremely unique bonding with somewhat all of us have the ability to accept within. Our choices to act or not will entirely influence the positivity which arrives afterwards into our lives. The law of attraction plays a close bond with gratitude.
We, individuals, get so busy in our routine life and ignore this crucial truth that everything is a gift. When you begin discovering every positive occurrences in your life to be obliged for, it’s astonishing how much additional things emerge to be grateful for.

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