Take FULL CONTROL Of Your Subconscious Mind WITH EASE Even If It Was Too Hard So Far!

 Improve Happiness And Gain Success In Every Aspect Of Your Life

Reprogram Your subconscious mind with ease using automatic affirmation hypnosis during the sweet spot when your brain waves are at the perfect frequency to implement suggestions straight into your deep subconsciousness. The Number 1 Problem with affirmations that cause people not to be successful with them is, that most people use them while they are fully awake and operate on Beta and High Beta brain waves! Affirmations are not likely to reprogram your mind when you are in the analytical state, because the analytical mind creates resistance. Here we provide a solution to overcome this problem with ease!

Rewire Your Brain Effectively Even If It's Hard To Find Time For Meditation!

You have access to your deepest subconscious mind every single day. You can use this time to effectively influence your subconscious mind and in fact change your life in every aspect you want! Not using that gift is like throwing out the winning lottery ticket and ignoring the biggest chance to achieve your dreams. All You need to do is just put affirmative thoughts, words and images when your brain waves are in the lower frequencies. There are two options to slow down your brainwaves. One of them is meditation practice and the second one is your natural every day sleep time. We Recommend using them both to maximize your potential, but we also understand that it can be hard to find time for everyday meditation. Our comfy affirmation set allows you to be 10x more effective with affirmations without taking away any minute of your awake state.

Use Neuroscience And Your Brain Plasticity To Create New Connections And Circuits That Will Drive Your Subconscious

It is scientifically proven that when you are sleeping and your brain waves go to Theta and Delta state the gate to your subconscious is wide open to suggestions and affirmations. Well known scientist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton Says: ’’Your life is an expression of your programs because 95% of your life comes from the subconscious. What would happen if your subconscious programs matched the wishes, desires, and aspirations you hold in your conscious mind... ? Well, remember there are vibrational frequencies that ramp up. When you're sleeping, you're at the lowest vibrational frequency called Delta... . As you go to bed and put earphones on with subconscious programming to change whatever behaviors you want to change, the recording from the tape is being downloaded straight into the subconscious mind...’’

WARNING: Do Not Use Regular Earphones!

Once we are aware of how easy it can be to reprogram our brain with new beliefs by repetition of affirmations during sleep, we have a problem with Regular Earplugs and Headphones, which are not only bulky, annoying, and disrupt your sleep, but can also cause a few other problems like:

❌regular Earphones can cause hard wax buildup because the seal doesn't allow air to circulate properly inside the ears. 

❌regular Earphones cause ear pain and you wake up feeling like you used a rock for a pillow last night. 

❌ Wearing regular earphones during sleep can cause otitis externa, which directly translates into inflammation of the external ear.

Get Our Comfortable SleepPhones that are safe to use. Flat speakers in a soft cozy headband let you comfortably listen to programming while in bed, even if you're lying on your side. It can be used as a Blindfold at the same time.   

Our Offer Includes:  

 ✅ Super Comfy SleepPhones That guarantees your mental reprogramming will be a pleasure. 

 ✅ Extremely Powerful HQ Wealth, Abundance And Prosperity Affirmations, with calming meditation music in the background.  All in 2 Audio Files, Male and Female voice.

✅ AwakenZone’s  Eye-Opening E-Book ’’5 Keys To Master The Law Of Attraction And Manifest Anything You Desire.’’