How Earthing Is Beneficial And Significant For Human Health

How Earthing Is Beneficial And Significant For Human Health

Grounding or earthing is the act of walking barefooted on the earth, grass, sand, rock,or dirt, so that the body gets connected to the earth directly, and can exchange electrons. The human body is made of water and minerals which is the constituent of the earth too. The soil is also made up of the same things. That is why free electrons can pass very well between the earth and human body which are all great conductors. And when free electrons pass, the many free radicals in the human body gets neutralized and their activity is lessened.

How grounding works ?

Grounding works by balancing the human body with the introduction of free electrons from the earth while the body gets in direct contact with the soil, or grass, or sand etc. Earthing lets the earth’s natural energy take its role in healing and strengthening you body from within. It’s an ultimate gift of the mother nature to humans that the contact with the earth barefooted for quality time each day, can bring drastic changes in your life and health in the most positive way.
As free electrons from earth gets inside the body, they act as natural antioxidants by neutralizing the damaging free radicals in the body. As a result the immunity is boosted, healing of wounds and ailments gets faster, and the general vitality, energy and stamina of a man increases.

Benefits of grounding

  • Symptoms of many infections are reduced and healing time for inflammations get reduced as the body acquires more immunity.
  • Many chronic pains get reduced
  • Symptoms of insomnia gets reduced while more sound sleep is integrated
  • Energy levels in body rises
  • The nervous system soothes thereby cooling the body and lowering stress, and more calm and cool is felt deep within
  • The rhythm and biological clock of the body gets normalized and reset
  • High blood pressure gets lowered and blood gets thinner to a healthy constituency
  • Interestingly jet lag gets eliminated by grounding
  • Bedsores gets prevented and healing of wounds gets faster
  • Headaches lessen while muscle pains get reduced and relieved
  • Gynecological problems and menstrual problems are lowered
  • Harmful radiation effect of electromagnetic waves gets reduced in body
  • The body tissues heals faster after intense workout, exercises, sports and athletic actions

How to practice earthing ?

Starting to practice earthing is pretty simple. You simply need to squeeze out some time daily to get into direct body contact with the earth. It can be about holding the soil, or walking on the soil, but it should be a direct body to earth contact in any way for quality time. It can be 10 to 20 minutes per day and if you can devote more time then it’s even better.
Any type of soil or ground which is part of the real earth and not a fake construction like concrete or some stone platform would do for you. You must be in direct contact with earth while you are standing on stone or sand, rock or soil, grass or dirt.