5 Powerful Practices To Manifest Money Fast

5 Powerful Practices To Manifest Money Fast

1. Flip Loss Into Profit

Every time you buy anything, and you are about to pay, think of the 10X or 100X of the amount you see. Imagine and feel that this amount is just paid to you. Just a positive imagination can get you to change your perspective on life. Turning whatever experience life offered you into a positive thing is all that you need. Flip the feeling of losing money to the feeling of gaining money. Feel as much gratitude as you can at that moment. Make it a habit. It's a very powerful exercise.


2. Create Your Desired Account Balance

Take a screenshot of your bank account, photoshop your balance to the desired amount, and meditate on that every day. It's your money vision board. Feeling the abundance that has already manifested in your mind is the strongest signal to the universe to bring this to your physical reality. Changing the amount is not for deluding yourself, but a practice which will push you to achieve your target. Practice that every day and your subconsciousness will get you to the point.


3. Change Your Self-Image.

Perceive yourself as a very rich person. Visualize the lifestyle you want to live every day. Once you start to imagine a rich or desired lifestyle you will automatically find ways to get what you want. Constant imagination of your dream lifestyle will surely push you to pursue your dreams. The perception of a rich lifestyle will keep you motivated and lead you to achieve your goal.


4. Record Your Affirmations

Record your affirmations over meditation music and play it on your headphones or speakers while you sleep. Your conscious mind will sleep but your subconscious mind will accept the suggestions on a very deep level. This is totally effortless reprogramming of the mind.

5. Invest In Yourself

Inspire yourself every day. Invest your time and money in inspirational books and courses. It will come back to you multiplied. You probably noticed the feeling of abundance in your heart one day, but the next day the old vibrations came back. That's why you need to train your vibrational state of being. Inspiration and motivation in your life are the most important factors in order to achieve your dreams.