Lucid Dream Mask - Gateway to the Inner Self

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  • What If You Could Control Their Direction?
  • What If You Could Experience Everything That You Can Imagine?
  • What If You Could Be Fully Aware While You Are Dreaming?
  • What If You Could Solve Your Problems By Getting Solutions From The Infinite Intelligence Of Your Subconsciousness?

Everything Of That Is Reality When You Experience Lucid Dreams. With The Help Of Our Mask, Lucid Dreaming Is Easier Than Ever.

Why You Need This Mask?

1. We created a Dream mask to reintroduce people to the benefits of dreaming. Using gentle, customizable light signals, our Dream Mask not only increases dream recall and vividness but helps unlock the world of lucid dreaming.

2. In the past, dreams were treated as windows into our subconscious, offering valuable guidance and insight. Modern research has since confirmed that lucid dreams can lead to better moods, reduced stress, enhanced problem-solving skills, and increased creativity. Yet somehow dreaming is still treated as an afterthought when discussing our overall well-being.

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What Scientific Basis Does Our Dream Masks Have?

1. Recall We typically dream for two hours each night but we can usually only remember bits and pieces of the dream. Our Dream Mask's lights signals promote better dream recall by seamlessly introducing tiny gaps of consciousness that link the dreaming mind, which has trouble creating new memories, to a more wakeful state that can

.2. ClarityYour mind will be more prepared to notice (and create) new details, and as an added bonus, when your next recall gap occurs there will be that much more in-depth detail to commit to memory.


1. Perfectly Tunned Light Brightness Using a series of smart timers, light patterns are displayed throughout the night, targeting your REM cycles where dreams most often occur.

The patterns can be as bright or as dim and as fast or slow as you like. The more time you've spent tuning your light patterns the better success you'll have improving recall & clarity.

2. Incredibly Comfortable

We listened closely to customer feedback to improve every aspect of the sleeping experience with Our Dream Masks. The flexible circuit is protected by a 2-ply foam shell: a durable inner layer laminated with a cushioning soft foam outer layer.

The foam inserts are aerated to allow for better airflow, reducing heat and sweat. The head strap is lighter and softer, with stronger materials. The nose cutout has been raised to help Our Dream Masks sit more firmly against your face. In short, we made the best sleeping mask in the world that much better!

Keep in mind that our mask usually does not bring an isntant results. you also have to use your will a little bit.

Top Tips:

  • Do lots of reality checks, at least 10 a day
  • Repeat to yourself for about 10 min before sleeping, that you are going to have a lucid dream!
  • Dont eat any heavy foods before you go to bed



  • Stylish fabric shell in 5 vivid colours
  • Four layer variable foam stack for extra comfort & breathability
  • Soft adjustable strap fits all head sizes
  • Durable flex circuit bends but won't break
  • Runs for 6+ months on included CR2032 Battery
  • Battery is inexpensive (<$1) and user replaceable
  • High-quality red LEDs maximize dream penetration
  • Weighs less than 1oz!
  • Design your personal dream signal via free web app