Black Hematite Triangle Talisman

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Triangles and pyramids have a multitude of magical meanings and uses. There are many meanings in history, different religions, and spirituality that reference trinities:

  • Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Life, Death, Rebirth

  • Father, Son, Holy Spirit

  • Past, Present, Future

  • 3 States of Water Element (Solid, Liquid, Gaseous)

  • 3 Triangles in Tetrahedron

  •  Left, Right and Centre (Balance)

  • Male Energy, Female Energy, and Child (Physical Creation)

  • Wisdom, Love and Compassion

The power of three is considered “the magic number” because it is the number of manifestationThe three represents: thoughts, emotions and actions. Each has a knock on effect with the other.

Your thoughts and emotions ultimately control your actions. Your actions – and the amount and type of energy you put into them (positive/negative) – determine the outcome you physically experience in your life.

A triangle in any fashion can always represent strength. Wear triangle symbol as a reminder of how strong you are.

Hematite crystals have an excellent grounding and balancing energy, as well as being a powerful aid to stimulate the mind. Use its warm, energizing vibes to jumpstart a sluggish nervous system and infuse your energy centers with a sense of newfound strength... Read More

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