Improve Your Acupuncture Experience With the Meridian Energy Pen

Improve Your Acupuncture Experience With the Meridian Energy Pen

Acupuncture – it’s an old form of Chinese medicine. And one that’s still practiced to this day.

Most people have heard of it. They’ve seen depictions of it in the media, as a way to relax and revitalize the body.

But, few understand how it works.

In this article, we’ll give you a summary of Chinese acupuncture therapy. And we’ll discuss the “Meridian Energy Pen,” a product that improves your healing experience!

The Meridian System

Old Chinese medicine is based on the meridian system. Meridians are channels within the human body that carry life force (Qi).

The disruption to those Meridians leads to a destabilized bodily Qi.

This kind of dysfunction causes a whole host of illnesses, from colds and exhaustion to nausea and pain.

Acupuncture is a system used by the Chinese to unblock Meridian channels. This is done by using needles, which are placed across specific “pressure points” throughout the body. Those pressure points are important “checkpoints” in the Meridian paths of the individual. And slightly puncturing them helps unblock clogs in those areas.

How to find these pressure points?

By ordering the Meridian Energy Pen you will also receive a manual with pictures and descriptions of these pressure points which you can find on your entire body.


Is It Effective?

Yes! It's very effective.

The system is not based on western science and yet, it has shown repeated effectiveness in treating chronic pain and depression. It should be noted that the Meridian system itself is not concrete. It’s bio-electrical and there’s a metaphysical dimension to it.

Even if western science doesn't know the reasons why acupuncture is effective we surely know that it works for many. And it’s something you should develop upon.

This is where the Meridian Energy Pen can be helpful. Consider it a technological advancement that improves your acupuncture experience!

How Does It Work?

The pen stimulates the same Meridian channels that normal needles do.

The difference is that there isn’t an expert placing the needles on your body. Using the Meridian Pen is a “DIY” job. And this is its “first advantage.” You can do it anywhere and anytime, without registering an appointment. Now, that doesn’t mean you should avoid visiting an acupuncturist. Because a part of that therapy involves stimulating your spine and back.

And that’s not something you can do alone with the pen, due to reach problems. But you can always enlist someone’s help, to use the pen for you on your back.

No More Needles!

Some people are naturally terrified by needles. Others don’t like the idea of being punctured, where sessions can last for more than an hour.

Also, needles are a bit unhygienic. And the idea of being pierced opens up your skin, which makes you prone to infections.

With the Meridian Pen, you can avoid those problems. There are no needles involved, which is a sigh of relief.

No piercing? That’s right.

The pen uses minor amounts of pressure and electrical pulses that stimulate the skin. This has a variety of physical benefits, beyond stimulating the Meridians.

In essence, it’s a vibration pen specifically geared to Chinese medicine.

It’s an excellent skin and muscle massage tool. It helps you reduce nerve and muscular pain, while improving skin health.

So it’s an excellent massage tool. If you’re not using it for Qi therapy, then it’s good for relaxing your body.

Acupuncture, in general, is excellent for dealing with energy disruptions in your body. And this is something you can do with this pen, on your own!


With the Meridian pen, you can take your acupuncture therapy anywhere you go.

You can take it to work, on a vacation, or use it when staying at someone else’s place. The pen is light and compact, and you can put it in a backpack.

Not to mention, the pen can operate wirelessly. Most models can be recharged, where you don’t need a cord all the time.

Also, the pen is easy to store. You can put in a small drawer or your bathroom closet. So you don’t have to worry about buying a machine that takes up space at home.

And finally, there’s the privacy of it. No one needs to know that you’re doing acupuncture therapy.

You can keep it to yourself, and do it all at home using the Meridian Pen.